Free Website SEO For Beginners

Free website SEO for beginners provides free search engine optimisation tips for creating a great website for free.

Creating A Great Website For Free

Tips For Search Engine Optimisation

Apply the following search engine optimisation tips and your website should rank high in the Search Engines.

1. Create an effective meta-tag keyword list

An effective keyword list will blast your website positioning in the search engines.

Click on Free Website Keywords for further information.

2. Create your effective title

To create your title effectively, you must use your keywords in your title.

For example, the home page of this website has the title: Free Website Design Software | Creating A Great Website For Free. The title is the compilation of the first two keywords.

3. Create an effective description

Again, you will need to use your keywords in your description.

4. Create an effective web page with your keywords

For example, use your number one keyword in your first heading.

Use your number two keyword in your second heading.

Use your other keywords throughout your content on your web page.

Use your number one keyword in your footer.

Use your number one keyword in the alt tag.

5. Create an effective file size web page

The quicker your web page downloads, the better it is for your potential customers.

There is nothing worst than a web page that take forever to download.

KEEP these tips in mind and you will rank high in the search engines.

Free Search Engine Optimisation Tool

Use Free SEO Website Checker to assess your web pages.


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