Free Website Design For Beginners

Free website design for beginners provides free website design tips in order to create a great website for free.

Creating A Great Website For Free

There are THREE IMPORTANT FACTORS you must keep in mind when designing your money making website.

They are look and feel, Navigation, and content.

1. Look and Feel

Look and feel is all about presentation. Get this right and you are on your way to creating a great website.

Get it wrong and you will stuff your website potential for making money online.

Download Free Website Design For Beginners and start creating a great website for free.

2. Navigation

Navigation is all about simplicity. To put it simply, make your money making website easy to navigate.

People will not tolerate poor or changing navigation throughout your website.

3. Content

Content is King. It is your content that brings people to your money making website.

When it comes to content, keep one thing in mind. There is nothing worst than a website that is clutter with too much information. Your visitors will quickly leave.

Some design tips...

  • use a designed web page template
  • make your name, logo, and what you are about super obvious
  • keep the design of your web pages consistent
  • use a simple clear background
  • use web safe colors
  • do not clutter you web page with information
  • space out your information so that its easy to scan

Designed Website Templates

You can design your money making website from scratch or you can download designed website templates. This is the best way to go. All you need to do is edit the templates.

You can download...

  • fix-width web page templates
  • or fluid-width web page templates

Check out these Free Website Design For Beginners Templates.


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